Pipedrive CRM Integration

SalesWings is designed to run stand-alone thanks to its notification engine, as well as a complement to CRM.


The Pipedrive integration enables you to:

> Automatically create Pipedrive contacts when they are created in SalesWings

> Prioritize sales actions using predictive lead scoring inside Pipedrive

> Quickly find Pipedrive contacts who performed specific actions on your website, using Pipedrive filter (for instance, looking at your pricing page)

> See inside Pipedrive what contacts do on your website (visit history) and how many times they visited your website

> Automatically set up follow-up activities when leads turn sales ready

> Close more deals by enhancing your timing and intelligence when following up with the best leads


Here's the complete Guide to setting up and using our Pipedrive CRM integration:




In order to quickly see the latest website visitors inside Pipedrive, we recommend to change the SalesWings columns as follows:





Kindly send us an email here if you need help with the set up (support@saleswingsapp.com), or book a personal demo here: www.saleswingsapp.com/chat-with-philip

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