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There are 3 ways to track contacts:


1) Sending individual sales emails using Gmail or Windows Outlook Desktop

2) Adding tracking to any emailing campaign tool (mass tracking)

3) Tracking your web forms


All these methods will automatically add contacts to SalesWings, so there is no data entry required.

To be able to see the website activity of a lead, you need to send them an email with a link to a page on your website. They need to click at least once on such a tracked link to your website, and then you will see his future website activity - even if he doesn't return to your email!


In this video guide we explain how to track your contacts individually using Gmail or Outlook:


(Watch video after 3 Min 35 Seconds) 


How to track individual contacts

The easiest way is to use our Email plugins.

Our E-mail plugins will automatically add contacts to SalesWings and add tracking to all links in your emails to your website, so that there is no work for you - that's full Sales Automation.


> Install Microsoft Outlook plugin here

> Install Gmail plugin here


By the way, we do not receive or read your emails!

(If you are want to track your email campaigns, please refer to this article.)


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