Getting started with SalesWings


Congratulations for choosing SalesWings, a very simple yet highly powerful solution to prioritize sales leads effectively, and fast.

Thanks to its notification-based approach, SalesWings can easily run stand alone. We also offer a Salesforce integration.

To get started in the quickest way, we encourage you to view this concise demo, or book a demo with our team here.


Video Index

Essentials: Beginning (~3min)

Sales lead tracking: 3m 37s - 10m 05s 

Marketing lead tracking: 10m 05s - End



What are the steps I need to take?

(1) Create your SalesWings account here


(2) Install Email plugins (Gmail / LinkedInOutlook), unless you only want to track via mass emails


(3) Invite your Team from the settings


(4) Implement the Javascript on your website


The Javascript code, which you will find in your settings, allows SalesWings to record all of your website visitors anonymously. It is of very small size, and does not affect your website performance in any way.

The Javascript needs to be placed centrally for ALL pages of your website, or on every page of your website that you wish to track.

> Here you can find easy guides helping you or your IT support implement the Javascript on your website.

> If you need help, simply write to us to


(4) How does SalesWings work?!

Best is to watch the above video.

But it's very simple:

  • Once your sales team has installed our email plugins, SalesWings will add tracking to all links to your website in each email they send to a lead. At the same time contacts get created automatically inside your account


  • When a lead clicks on a link to your website inside an email, we will start the tracking and do all the rest for you


  • The second way to track them is by simply integrating with your existing newsletter tool. All website visits of leads who click in a newsletter will be tracked and analyzed


Get in touch here to organize a personalized demo with us and you or your team. > Book skype call


Guides to look at:

(1) Implement SalesWings on your website

(2) Tracking individual contacts

(3) Tracking multiple contacts



Have a great day now!

Your SalesWings team

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